The Premier Inn hotel

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Who on this doesn’t want to go to a hotel with all the amenities and enjoy for a day or two or vent more? one such is the premium Inn hotel, and this is the hotel chain of Britain and the united kingdom’s largest brand in the basis of hotels with more than seventy-two thousand rooms and seven hundred and eighty-five hotels. This Premier Inn Hotel will be operating the hotels in a number of locations which will be including the suburbs, city centers and also the airports by competing itself to the ibis hotels and the Travelodge. This company is been established by Whitbread as the name Travel Inn in the year 1987 to give the competition to the Travelodge. Whitbread has bought this premium lodge in the year 2004, and he had merged this with the travel Inn to form the business under the name called as the Premium Travel Inn, and this is then becoming short as the Premier Inn which is now still being called.

Premier Inn Hotel

History of the hotel

This hotel Premier Inn has brought up more profits and will be accounting more than seventy percent of the Whitbread earnings. When we look up into the history of the hotel, the chain of these hotels has been started in the year 1987, and this has started the business of trading with the same travel Inn. The first place or the use to open was near the Beefeater restaurant named the watermill in Davidson. In the year 2004, Whitbread has also acquired another hotel chain which is named as Premier Lodge, and this is for five hundred and thirty-six million euros. This made the addition of one hundred and fifty-one hotels for the portfolio.

The stay will be giving an awesome experience with the comfy beds and the bedrooms in the hotel. They have the luxury king-size Hypnos beds, and you have the choice to choose the pillows, and there is also am toasty duvet, and this is all anyone will need for a good night sleep. They are so confident that anyone who books the room will be having a good sleep and also, they give your money back if you are not having a good sleep or comfort. This is what they have termed as the good night guarantee. The room is restful, and you can return from a trip or a vacation, and that will give mind-blowing experience.


You are exceptionally guaranteed for the encompassing comfort and the quality which is outstanding in each and every room of the 65000 rooms they own. You also have the choice of firm and the room is with free tv, free hair dryer, tea and coffee making facilities and Wi-Fi which runs 24/7 and it is absolutely free. They are also having the twin rooms which are exclusively designed with a lot of flexibility had they come in various formats. most will be featuring the super comfy king size or the double bed plus a sofa bed which is single.

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