The Art of Soccer And the Endless Popularity Options

What helped football to become the most sought-after game on the planet and why it will never achieve such status in the United States. In modern times, only two sports events stand out sharply from everyone else: these are the Olympic Games and the World Cup. According to preliminary estimates, the 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea cost $ 12.9 billion, and the current football tournament in Russia is $ 11.8 billion. FIFA expects revenue from the 2018 World Cup $ 6.1 billion in revenue, while the International Olympic Committee IOC) from the 2012 London Summer Games amounted to $ 5.2 billion. Now with the you can have the best details.

According to FIFA estimates, the 2018 Championship will be watched by 3.4 billion viewers. The London Olympics were watched by about 3.6 billion people. At the same time, the program of the Olympic Games includes several dozen types of competitions, one of which is football. Other sports can only dream of a similar audience.

Why football has become popular

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Oddly enough, one of the reasons for the demand for football was the optimal size of the playing field. Dimensions of 105 by 65 meters provide a large and convenient overview for viewers and fans in the stands, and the convenient configuration of a simple rectangle allows you to accommodate the maximum number of viewers without compromising visibility.

The size of the field also causes a relatively unhurried pace of the game. This allows fans to see well the combinations on the field, the deployment of attacks and all other elements of matches. There is no rapid momentum of hockey, when unprepared spectators do not have time to understand the intricacies of the attack, the quick transfer of the puck and the movements of players. Yes, and a small puck can not see compared with a large ball.

In addition, the ball is always in sight it is not held in the hands of both American football and rugby. The flight paths are much more varied and longer than in basketball or volleyball. This provides football with a spectacular picture on TV, whether the goalkeeper puts the ball into play or a free-kick.

The second factor that helps football be in demand is the number of players. According to this indicator, football is superior to most other team ball games, which implies a significant variety of game situations and combinations. At the same time, the players do not create a “flea market” as in American football or rugby. In contrast to baseball and cricket, all players simultaneously take part in the mast, and do not expect their turn aside.

Thirdly, football is relatively simple. Almost every spectator has a minimal personal experience of the game: everyone kicked the ball at least once in his life. The gaming experience has a positive effect on watching the game it is easier for the observer to imagine himself in the player’s position.

Not only the rules are simple, but also the field arrangement. You can make something like a gate from an urn, backpack or bench. To simulate a basketball hoop or a huge goal for American football is much more difficult. Moreover, with all the simplicity of the rules, football offers the opportunity for many combinations, in contrast, for example, to volleyball.


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