Risk of cannabis

Cannabis is used worldwide. We know cannabis only as drugs but there have a lot of medicinal uses under research. Due to this many best CBD wholesalers export cannabis to foreign countries. Presently many types of research are going to discovered medicines by using cannabis as a major source.


In 2019 under research results that limited quality in cannabis was identified. It also causes neurological side effects. Because of its weak design and traits control. It comes to know that cannabis is used in medicinal fields. In 2018 cannabis got approval from the FDA. It is permitted to use as a medicine for two diseases under limited quantity. It is treated as medicine for resistance epilepsy and draft syndrome. It is also treated medicine for Lennox gastaut syndrome it is for children. They can be treated with medicine including cannabis. It can be 10 gm per their body weight for children up to 2-5 years. They are well tolerated. But associate with adverse effects minorly.

Cannabis uses

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They are used in many ways. But still with neurological disorders. Not yet been findings confirmed to cure disorders. It is still under the clinical approach. In Oct 2019 FDA issued a warning about cannabis for effects CBD during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It should maintain with the usage of limitations when treated with other drugs. Side effects of cannabis are not clinically defined for the risks of mother and Infant.

Nontoxic effect 

It doesn’t have any toxic effect while using it as medicine. The toxic material that arises while cannabis is used as medicine is THC it damages the immunity. There discovered a new disease called 9THC marijuana preliminarily under research. It is more possible to produce toxic like anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic effects. There is a legal understanding of cannabis experts are working to distinguish medicine for marijuana. The difficulty is that it’s a significant ratio variation. CBD-THC.

They are known to have other non- psychometric cannabis. 

Generally, most medicines are prepared with drugs but in very low quantities. They turn us to sleep deeply for a small duration. In operation timing patients are treated with anaesthesia. When it’s level of usage in increases the patient is found dead. After the operation that level of anaesthesia starts to reduce. Then the patient gets back to their consciousness.

At as same when of cannabis increases only arise problems. Cannabis has a large family Variety but only some are used as medicine to sleep. Because of heavy work and mainly stress people need some treatment regarding peace and sleep. In all treatment sleeping is the major counselling given by the physician. There come tablets. All tablets including pills have drug inducement for better results of sleeping.

Side effects

Research results that it reduces the adverse effects of the THC. Which causes intoxication and sedation. But only in high doses. Safety studies say cannabis is well tolerated but cause tired and diarrhoea.

Potential intolerance

Laboratory pieces of evidence showing cannabis reduce THC clearance by increasing the plasma concentrations. Which automatically raises the THC. That effective is based on the usage of dosage. That affects the dependence of sodium and potassium voltage channels. CBD is partially inhibited by CYPZC. Which is catalyzed by the hydroxylation of the theca? These are called drug interactions. Cannabis decrease the mediation of clobazam metabolism level.


Using drugs in medicines at a lower level is good for mankind. Risk factors leading to death. It’s like slow poison.

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