A Sous Vide vs Crock Pot Comparison

Many people get confused about which method to use for cooking their food. We are going to compare Sous Vide with the Crock Pots cooking method. In cooking it all comes down to what kind of taste you want in the end. Some people want their food to taste exactly the same every time they cook which can be achieved using the Sous Vide cooking method. Whereas, some people want to cook their food for a longer period of time at very low temperatures. This is done using the Crock-Pot method.

sous vide vs crock pot

Cooking Method

sous vide vs crock pot

Sous vide is sealing the food within a plastic bag and then cooking at the same temperature in a water bath every time. Due to the consistency of temperature and duration every time, you cook using this method you get the same results as restaurants.

The crockpot is a type of slow cooker which uses the method of cooking food for a very long time at low temperatures. In this method, the food is placed on a thick pot which is placed above a heating source. You will have to leave your food for a few hours to cook with this method.


Sous Vide is a bit expensive when you compare it with the crockpots. Although the price is worth it because you get better controls on the temperature and cooking settings. Crockpots are more famous because they are not expensive and have been much more common as kitchen appliances in households for a very long time now. Also unlike sous vide, they don’t require any other materials like plastic bags or glass jars when cooking food which could increase your expenses.

Advantages of Sous Vide:

  • Precise temperature control.
  • Consistent quality and taste in the food.
  • There is a significant reduction in the wastage of food.
  • The cooking doesn’t require your constant attention. Once the food has reached your temperature it will maintain it.
  • Restaurant-level quality of food every time.
  • Food that has been cooked using this method is safe for people with compromised immunity.

Advantages of Crock-Pots:

  • Almost impossible to burn the food due to cooking at a low temperature.
  • Reduction in water wastage due to single pot usage.
  • The pots are heated from the bottom and around the sides.
  • The healthy way to cook due to slow cooking.
  • It helps retain the moisture and nutrients of your food.
  • A wide variety of foods can be cooked in crockpots.


It all depends as to what kind of quality and taste you want for your food. Different results require different cooking methods. You need to take all the factors into consideration like cooking method, their cost and quality before choosing if you want to go with sous vide or crock pots. Sous vide wasn’t famous in households before due to them being expensive. But with affordable options available now they are becoming popular as they cook restaurant-quality food every time. With crock pots, you can leave the house for a day while it slowly cooks your food. The above advantages should be enough to help you decide on which cooking method you would like to go with.

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