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A detailed guide for beginners: how to bet on sports

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How to bet on sports? It is a difficult question for beginner players. A rate based on competent analysis can bring hundreds of percent profit in just a few minutes. The first important step is to choose the right bookmaker. Do not rush to decide on a bookmaker. You must first read the rating of먹튀검증 bookmakers.

On the site, according to the reviews of professional players, the top of bookmakers is compiled. This rating is based on the feedback from hundreds of players and is constantly updated. Here you can familiarize yourself with the odds for the duration of the matches, receive interesting offers on stocks. How to start betting on sports, we will consider further.

Where to bet on sports: basic principles

Sports betting are accepted at bookmakers. Today, many of them have an online version. Playing online is a great way to earn real money without leaving your home.

Sports betting: where to start

Before you make your first bet, you should know what they are.


Single rate

The peculiarity of this bet is an attempt to predict only one outcome of the event. In this case, the gain is calculated by the formula of the product of the monetary amount by the rate coefficient. For example, you bet 1000 dollars at a factor of 2.20, which means your winnings at the rate will be 2200 dollars. The net winnings are 1200 dollars, 2200-1000 i.e. minus the amount of the bet.

Express bets

It is put on several events at once. An important condition for victory is the victory of all designated events in the express train. In other words, a positive outcome can be this: a refund or a win. However, the game for several events simultaneously has its own minus. If at least one event does not justify the forecast, the entire bet is considered a failure. Express rate margin is calculated as the product of the sum of bets by the odds of all outcomes.


The set of several expresses. This is a kind of enumeration of several options for express bets with a fixed set of outcomes. The number of outcomes and the number of bets on each express are the same. Profit in the system is calculated as the sum of express winnings that are included in the system.

The most popular types of bets are considered outcome bets (1X2) and total bets. There are also bets on the list additional bets that will score first, how many substitutions, yellow or red cards in the match, etc. Betting on total allows you to predict fewer or more goals scored goals, goals, etc.

How are sports betting professionals?

To understand how to make successful sports bets, a beginner should follow simple rules:

Always specify how to bet on a specific sporting event. Explain for yourself all the incomprehensible moments, and only then make bets. Different bookmakers have different rules and fees. Play at first in small amounts. There is always a risk that you may confuse or misunderstand something.

Do not chase high odds. It is possible that pitfalls may lurk in them. It is safer to bet on favorites who have good motivation. You can combine such bets into expresses.

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