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Victoria Lodge Care Home has practical experience in private individual focused and dementia care. The lovely home is arranged close to shops and the town and is inside the simple reach of public vehicles. Qualified carers offer inhabitants and their families the help they need during what many find as trying occasions on Care Homes Solihull . Our home has been adjusted to give a warm and agreeable climate for every one of our old inhabitants. We are arranged in a peaceful zone of Solihull and private possession. The property is elegantly enriched to give that simple feel. All prescriptions endorsed by a Doctor are put away in made sure about medication cupboards and are administered at the recommended occasions by the prepared Senior Carer working. On the off chance that you can self-cure, this can be arranged Care Manager, or a senior individual from the supervisory crew will plan to visit you at home or in the clinic. This empowers us to do an appraisal of your consideration needs. Although you may require some assistance in thinking about yourself, we trust you will keep on attempted those everyday errands you are at present ready to do. Your “own carer”, will design a program to guarantee you get all the assistance you require.

Victoria Lodge Care Fees

We give individual-focused consideration. Carers need to become acquainted with their inhabitants and their families, consequently empowering them to take care of the entire individual and not simply to focus on the assignment close by. We invite occupants who are secretly financed and those subsidized by Solihull and Birmingham Local Authorities. Expenses rely upon the specific convenience picked and the consideration needs of the inhabitant. Extra administrations mentioned by the occupant or their assigned delegate can be given. For those companions and family members that don’t live locally, we have given the accompanying data to assist them with their movement game plans. If you are going by British Rail click here neighborhood train times. Close by transport administrations can be gotten by clicking here region transport plans, lastly, neighborhood taxi administrations can be situated by clicking here taxi administrators. We wish you a safe journey. It’s simply an issue of minutes away by foot which can bring you into both Birmingham Solihull town centers.There are 3 parks in closeness to the home which are visited routinely by our inhabitants and movement group

Care Homes Solihull

Social Activities:

Are a significant piece of everyday life at our home. The Activities Organizer creates singular movement plans custom-made to the individual lives and interests of our occupants. We give a blend of the week by week exercises from amusement to workshops, days out, and get-togethers.


Interest is altogether intentional and families can participate on the off chance that they wish. To additionally improve their sentiment of prosperity we give our inhabitants week by week visits from neighborhood beauticians, chiropodists, and nearby strict heads, everything being equal.

Staff Attendance:

With our staff close by consistently, every movement is intended to intellectually and animate our inhabitants, and to upgrade their satisfaction and prosperity. This encourages our staff to become acquainted with every single occupant, and invest wholeheartedly in tuning in, comprehension, and reacting to their needs. Homes minibus, Passenger lift to all floors, full wheelchair admittance to home and lovely gardens, phone focuses, wi-fi TV in all rooms. Kindly note it is a no smoking home anyway there is an assigned smoking region

Rundown of Activities:

♦ Art and artworks workshops

♦ Regular music and move exercises

♦ Bingo, shows, and tests

♦ Occupational treatment

♦ Manicure and pedicure

♦ Outings to neighborhood shops

♦ Hairdressing

♦ Visits to neighborhood eateries

♦ Reminiscences

♦ Singing

♦ Pamper Sessions

♦ Chair Football

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