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The Perfect Furniture Moving Companies

Before transporting heavy furniture, it should obviously be emptied of its contents. This will lighten it but also prevent its contents from being broken. So empty dresser, credenza, counter, library and pack dishes, trinkets, books, linen inboxes. From شركة نقل عفش بمكة this is important.

Prepare the furniture for moving and loading

A move of heavy furniture is preparing

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If your furniture is particularly bulky, we advise you to disassemble your furniture as much as possible. If your furniture is an old wooden piece of furniture, it may not be advisable to dismantle it because it may already have been subject to several dismantling and reassembly. Take advice from your mover and a cabinet maker.

When transporting heavy furniture in a truck or van, the furniture must be protected against impact, scratches. We, therefore, advise you first:

  • to remove the shelves of the hosiery, credenzas and sideboards
  • to dismantle the windows, glass doors and mirrors of cupboards and dressers
  • block the elements of your furniture with adhesive tape (drawers, doors, etc.). The chest of drawers, chiffonnier, secretary, a weekly desk will be better.

Cover all the furniture with protective covers or covers

Follow our specific advice for piano transport, billiards removal, fridge transport and washing machine removal.

Transport your heavy furniture

Transport equipment

There are several equipment and tips for moving and transporting heavy furniture.

To move heavy furniture, you can use:

  • Furniture glides by placing them under the legs or corners of your furniture.
  • A cover or illustrated magazines can replace the sliding pads if you don’t have one
  • Belt lifting system. These are suspenders that you wear on your shoulders and that allow you to lift the load without straining your back. Not to be used on stairs or on a slope.

A tray trolley with straps to fix the furniture

By using a professional mover for a furniture mover, you will not have to equip yourself. Moving companies use lifting tools and handling trolleys fitted with straps that can support up to 600 kg. In addition, removal companies are insured against damage.

If you are not using a professional mover for this small move, be sure to be 3 to carry out the furniture move. While two of you will be carrying the furniture, the third person will open the doors, guide the person walking backward and can take over in transportation. To know the price of furniture transport and get a quote, it’s here.

Health Tips for Transporting Heavy Furniture

Moving heavy furniture is not without risk! Scrapes, breakages are part of the hazards but injuries are also part of a lot of hiccups! To avoid this little transport of furniture ending in lumbago, here are some tips to take care of your back.

  • Bend your knees and hips as you lift the furniture and use the force of your legs
  • Use non-slip gloves to protect your hands

Carry the furniture at an angle

We hope that all of these tips will help you with your transport of heavy furniture. Just moving a piece of furniture can be an opportunity to call on a moving professional, especially when it is heavy and bulky furniture. Thanks to their experience and their know-how and their insurance, the transport of heavy furniture are fast and safe!

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