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The most famous apps VPN, proxy

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In worldwide million the number of using smartphones. In that Smartphone, they save their details because of that they want to secure their details. peoples using many apps to secure their detail on that one of the most famous apps is VPN, proxy. Both the VPN, Proxy hides your original IP address. These apps enable a higher degree of privacy in mobiles. But both apps are quite different. Sometimes a website cannot open while using these apps.79 percentage of a proxy does not support basic encryption.Online Proxy is used mainly for hiding the IP address. Many peoples using this app for hiding their original IP address. While using the website of this app cannot see our original IP address. And it also hides the location. This app allowing peoples to access the internet with high speed. These apps reduce internet traffic. VPN reroute the all web activity of the person. And VPN works on more devices. This app helps people to access the internet more quickly and immediately. Many people using this app for masking their IP address. These apps also have both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of VPN and proxy:

Online Proxy

If we use any apps, we can see both advantages and disadvantages. This VPN and proxy apps also have both advantages and disadvantages. By using this app, people can secure their details. In this technical world, people easily take others’ personal information by using their IP address because of that many people using this app to secure their details. These apps reduce internet traffic. And also these apps help them to access high-speed internet. If people using these apps no one can find their original IP address and they can freely access the internet without any problem. This proxy app makes no guarantee about their security and privacy of the people and it only helps to high-speed internet. It helps in internet explorer. This app is hiding an IP address while visiting any website. The proxy access internet of the person using this proxy app.

The disadvantage of VPN and proxy:

Nearly both having the same kind disadvantage and also have their unique advantages. In this apps mostly people using only for hiding their IP address from the searching website. Normally people cannot open proxy. Most people put a mask for their IP address. Most of them misusing this app. This app is to secure our detail from unknown members but people using it for hiding their original IP address and give fake ones to the website. Many people cannot use this application because it was not properly used by people. People can able to see the disadvantage of the apps. We can see more apps related to these apps. There are lots of apps are available for the people. Some apps are useful for people but most of them are unwanted to people. This app misguiding the people in the wrong direction. By hiding their IP address many people misusing this app. Related to this apps many apps are provided for people. This app also used by many people to clear the network traffic.

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