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The Electrical Consumption Options and the Best Deals Now

Are you building, renovating or your kitchen needs an upgrade? Note that induction is up to 40% more economical than a conventional electric hob. Cooking on induction is up to 40% more economical than using a conventional electric hob. With the Power to Choose you can find the best solutions now.

Want to reheat what’s left of this delicious dish?

Power to Choose

Heat your dish in the microwave and not in the oven, saving 50%. Because heat the oven and then your dish lasts longer. Distribute the ingredients of the dish well, avoiding the mounds. This facilitates the penetration of waves and your dish gets hot faster.

Is it really necessary to preheat your oven? A current oven very quickly reaches the desired temperature. Your oven, therefore, does not operate unnecessarily and you save a lot of energy. An extractor hood is ideal for removing odors and cooking vapors. But the ambient heat is also drawn off. So do not let your hood operate more than it should. Make sure to clean the filters regularly, as the performance of your range hood depends on it. With clean filtration, the suction system works less for the same result. Do you need a good cup of coffee in the morning? Remember to turn off your percolator as soon as possible and pour ‘black gold’ into an insulated can. You will enjoy it for a few more hours.

Keep a cool head

Set the temperature of your refrigerator to 6 ° C. Count an additional consumption of 5% for each lower degree. Use your refrigerator optimally, but don’t overfill it. Is it packed? Be aware that your refrigerator becomes energy-intensive. This is all the more reason to adapt your appliances to the composition of your household and the reverse is also true. Why operate a 500-liter refrigerator if your household is made up of two people?

Do not leave your refrigerator door open for too long. It is a loss of cold and energy. Close it quickly. Recent refrigerators are fitted with an alarm system. These devices irritate you with a loud beep when the door is left open for too long.

Do you want to keep leftovers from a hot meal? Let the portion cool well before placing it in the refrigerator. Do you want to keep a leftover meal hot? Let the portion cool enough before putting it in the fridge. Did you take a portion of soup or spaghetti sauce out of the freezer? Let it thaw in the refrigerator as this will help keep it cold.

Defrost your refrigerator regularly.

The frost on the walls increases energy consumption. Do you have a recent refrigerator? So it is very likely that your device has ‘No Frost’ technology. If this is the case, it is no longer necessary to remove the frost with the scraper. Regularly check if the refrigerator door closes tightly. Otherwise, the door gasket must be replaced. The cold must remain in its place, in the refrigerator.

Are you leaving your home for a few days, or are you going on vacation? Are you wondering if the fridge should stay plugged in? You may just have to take something out of the fridge or consume it before you leave, and you can unplug it.

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