Is Using WordPress Good for SEO?

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The involvement of the content management system WordPress made a strong impact on the website development domain. It increases the functionality of the website. To know more, read this article as it contains relevant information about WordPress

Nowadays, content management is a major concern. To solve this query, there are lots of content management systems available, but WordPress is a world-famous Content management system. Today all developers or users design or build WordPress sites. For small businesses that want to extend their business over the internet to various authorities, WordPress is a great option for them. In a survey, it is clear that almost 30-40 % of running websites over the internet are built under WordPress. A powerful fact that websites developed under WordPress get a good rank on Google.

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Another fact about this popular platform is that it is SEO friendly and it helps your business to enhance the ROI. If you are aware of the thing that most of the SEO professionals use and prefer WordPress for the better optimization results.

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What makes WordPress so unique and popular, here are the following reasons:

  • Easy customization of Metadata

One of the best and major benefits of WordPress is that it offers default site templates with clear code that is very beneficial for the easy customization of every page for the SEO process. While developing a landing page or a blog post, you need to write unique titles, meta tags, description and URL links. The unique links or meta tags are then optimized with catchy keywords to target the end-users. Additionally, you can insert new plugins that depend on the development of the website.

  • Improved Site speed

Whenever Google builds up rankings, it considers site speed as the main factor that can be advantageous to WordPress users only. Thus, WordPress sites have higher load time that can be increased more by using specific plugins named WP super cache. Remember that the load time of a website depends on the template that you select for your websites or blog posts.

  • Effective Web Design

WordPress offers a wide range of cache plugins and design plugins through which you can make a successful website for your business or another purpose. Moreover, you can develop much faster sites with other platforms such as Joomla and Drupal. Through it, you can launch an SEO campaign on the website with less cost.

  • Easy Plugins For enhanced Site functionality

If you are a website developer, you can modify your website by selecting essential plugins that can enhance the overall functionality of the site. Aside from this, there are some important Plugins such as WordPress SEO by Yoast that is specially used to improve SEO. In these plugins,‘Add a new post’ option is available that helps you in scoring the content with the following factors such as Meta tags, Titles, Descriptions and more importantly Header tags i.e. H1.

  • Crawling of WordPress websites are easy for Search engines

WordPress websites are not only easily customized but it also crawled by the search engine bots because bots are more familiar with these websites.

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