Are you planning to renovate the bathroom at your home?

When it comes to home improvement, renovating bathrooms is very important. It should be renovated at first because it is used more in any home. There is no point in renovating the bathrooms at the time of selling the home alone. It also gives comfort where you can relax and refresh yourself. First, you have to plan the process and then make a decision. The renovation ideas are not only about putting new tiles and fixtures and also it involves the safety factors. You can change the bath fittings, faucets, vanities and windows. Planning all these works at the initial stage itself will make the work easy and economical. If you are looking to do rénovation salle de bain , then hire the best expert to complete your project.

rénovation salle de bain

Bathroom renovation and construction process

Bathrooms must be constructed in a proper method from the ground level to the top. This ensures that the design and look of the bathroom will have a great look. Below is the bathroom renovation process explained in elaborate.

  • Plumbing and electrical work

The first step in renovating bathroom would be installing pipes and electric wires. New plumbing is done for getting clean and hot water. Proper care must be taken while fitting the pipes because the pipes should be in the right position when tiling is over. Before any fitting is done, everything should be measured correctly and then fitted. There must be a proper path for drainage pipes for a bathroom. Wiring must be given properly in the right way.

  • Install wall and ceiling linings

You can install in the bathroom into which the pipes and wirings can be made without damaging the wall. The best method is that you can mark the layout of the places of fittings on the wallboard and then make the connections. Ensure that the bath is correctly installed.

  • Waterproofing the bathroom

Waterproofing the bathroom is essential for every home. If the flooring, shower recess an around the bath are waterproofed, it will last for long. Waterproofing is easy but quality and accuracy are important. The proper draining system is essential because the water has to flow away correctly.

  • Lay tiles on the cement floor

Before laying the tiles, the floor must be smooth and flat with a drainage outlet. Use sand and cement mix at the bottom and then the tiles can be laid above it.

  • Lay tiles on the floor and wall

First, the tiles have to be laid on the floor and then on the wall. You have to ensure that there is a proper leveling between the floor and the ground. Upon finishing the laying, tiles can be cleaned.

  • Install plumbing and fixtures

You can now install plumbing fittings and taps. Then you can fit towel rails and soap holders.

  • Paint the ceiling

Once all these works have been done, the ceiling can be painted and final cleaning can be done.

The rénovation salle de bain requires a good skill because everything needs to be replaced with the best. If you are planning to do the renovation project yourself, then plan about the work and calculate the cost of materials and how long will it take to complete the work.

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